We ’ re founded on a retailer-centric approach so our expertise in creativity, speed, efficiency and budget consciousness positions us as a valuable partner For Retailers looking to expandtheir brick-and-mortar presence

our story
Paul Alarico's transition to co-founding RE-AL Store Development Solutions after over a decade of managing store design expansion programs for retailers showcased a strategic alignment between his expertise and the evolving market demands within the retail industry. By establishing a national architecture firm with a dedicated focus on supporting retailers' brick-and-mortar expansion efforts, Paul demonstrated a keen understanding of the specific challenges and requirements faced by retailers in physical spaces.
Paul rebrands and establishes Retail AMP Design to reflect a strategic response to the increasing size, variety, and number of projects, as well as the expanding client base across various sectors such as restaurants, retail landlords/developers, and health/wellness fields. By broadening the scope of services while maintaining a strong focus on meeting the needs of retailers, RAD demonstrated a commitment to adaptability and innovation. This strategic move not only allowed RAD to cater to a diverse range of clients but also ensured that the firm remained dedicated to providing exceptional experiences and solutions tailored to the specific requirements of retailers.
2021 to Present
By incorporating and opening Retail AMP Design in Lima, Peru, Paul has realized his longtime dream of contributing to the community from which his parents immigrated. The establishment of this firm not only reflects Paul's personal connection to Peru but also underscores his dedication to expanding his business ventures globally.

The Lima team of 15+ architects and support staff working seamlessly with RAD USA demonstrates effective cross-border collaboration and underscores the firm's ability to deliver projects nationally for retail clients. This integrated approach allows RAD to leverage the strengths and expertise of both teams, providing clients with comprehensive and high-quality architectural services regardless of geographical boundaries. Paul's initiative in establishing an architecture firm in Lima not only strengthens his ties to his heritage but also expands the firm's reach and capabilities, positioning it as a truly global player in the industry. This initiative highlights Paul's vision, leadership, and commitment to making a positive impact both locally and internationally.
our values
Human at core
As a retail design company, we believe that the human experience is at the core of everything we do. From the layout and flow of the store, to the lighting and color scheme, every decision we make is designed to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers. We prioritize functionality and aesthetics, but ultimately our goal is to create a space that feels natural and intuitive for people to navigate and shop in. We believe that by putting the human experience first, we can create a truly successful retail space.
respect & trust
We understand that respect and trust are essential components of any successful business relationship. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and vision, and we strive to maintain open lines of communication throughout the design process. We value the input and expertise of our clients and strive to maintain a collaborative, respectful partnership. We believe that by building trust and mutual respect, we can create a retail space that truly reflects the unique vision of our clients.
TRansparency & honesty
We believe that transparency and honesty are crucial to building successful partnerships with our clients. We are upfront about our process and capabilities, and we strive to keep our clients informed and involved at every stage of the design process. We believe that by being open and honest, we can build trust and create a sense of collaboration that ultimately leads to a more successful and satisfying project. Whether we are working on a small renovation or a large-scale new build, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of transparency and honesty in all of our work.
work should be fun
We believe that work should be enjoyable and fulfilling. While we take our projects seriously and strive for the best possible outcomes, we also believe that the design process should be an enjoyable and creative experience. We encourage our team members to bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the table, and we foster a positive and collaborative work environment. We believe that when everyone is having fun and enjoying their work, the end result is always better. Whether we are working on a small boutique or a large department store, we strive to infuse a sense of fun and joy into all of our projects.
We make retail magic.
Paul Alarico
Conrado Gallardo
Christie Alcedo
Studio Director
Anissa Gallego
Project Manager
Paola Sainz
Project Manager
Shantal Alarico
Director Accounting / HR
Cristina Rodriguez
Project Manager
our services

Retail Design and Expansion Specialists

By focusing exclusively on retail projects, we refine our skills and knowledge to better serve the unique needs and challenges of our retail clients, ultimately helping them create engaging and profitable retail environments.

what our clients say
As the Design and Store Planning lead for 5.11 Tactical, working with Retail AMP Design has been a great experience!   I have had the pleasure of working with the RAD design team for the past 5 years and couldn’t be happier.  At 5.11, Inc., we consider RAD as part of the 5.11 family.  Their success doesn’t stop at just design and plan execution but getting nearly every new project through plan check in one review and permit approval faster than any other A & E firms I have worked with.  Early permits equals opening more stores on time and on budget.
Mack Williams
Project Manager
We have been working with Retail AMP Design on many design builds for our retail clients since 2017 and have completed many commercial retail projects with them.  They have a highly skilled and dedicated team on board with an excellent turnaround on projects and responses.
Mark Assaf
As a development and construction professional, I have worked with Retail AMP Design for over 8 years. Throughout this time, we have completed numerous projects successfully, and in turn, we achieved our intended goals. RAD has a team of highly trained and skilled professionals from all walks of life who are dedicated to fulfilling their customer’s needs.”
Ralph Ramsubhag,
Project Manger, TBD
The RAD team has been instrumental in helping Marine Layer scale our retail expansion. They are the best retail architects that I have ever worked with. Their level of service, attention to detail, and speed are second to none. ”
Peter Seidner
Project Manager of Real Estate
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